What if Queen’s death was the last distraction before the market meltdown?

Photo by Roma Kaiuk🇺🇦 on Unsplash

Is it just me, or the timing of the latest events was somewhat strange? To give you a little perspective here, the queen passed away on 10th September 2022 — according to the mainstream media. Nobody questions the narrative, as she might as well be partying with Elvis and Hitler somewhere in Argentina, right?

Well, I will try to be more serious from now on, but tin-foil hat down, there are still serious questions following Elisabeth’s passing.

So, first of all — because of it’s timing, nobody talks about 9/11 this year. Not a single mention anywhere really. Like if the biggest terrorist attack in modern history didn’t even happen. Well, alright. Maybe it didn’t. Some would argue, that it definitely did not happen how the TV was telling us anyways… but that would be for another article.

Somehow another weird thing on my mind is the prolonged period of no lockdowns. Could it really be just over with CV19 now? I hope so, but somehow, somewhere deep down I am still feeling uneasy and kinda prepping for another one. Not really stockpiling food, but getting ready mentally, you know…

There is nothing worse than being stuck in a foreign country while the world is going crazy over a virus. I have some stories to tell, since two years ago, when the world basically stopped turning. So, could it be that they timed the actual news about the queen somehow on purpose?

What about the Shamitah year? The Jewish jubilee year, which seems to bring strange events every single time. 2001 was a big one. We all know what happened. 2008 - the big economical crisis of Lehman brothers , in the year 2015 the refugee wave in Europe peaked and now the queen has suddenly departed us. Could it lead to something bigger? Let’s speculate a little together, shall we…

The next economical crisis is well on its way. Some of us were preparing for it for a long time already. Be it investing in alternative assets like gold and silver, or just staying vigilante and ready for the worst. Arguably the timing is actually quite important, when it comes to investing. So could it be now, when the wave finally breaks and we will see a final meltdown, bringing on the great reset? I wouldn’t be surprised at all. In fact I am almost counting on it. After all, the king Charles has spoken about the need for some reset numerous times and is well on with the whole agenda. And why wouldn’t he right? He is a member of a club, which we are not. So unless he is somehow Jesus, Budha or another saviour reincarnated, he act in his interest first. And that has always been money and power. At least in case of the United Kingdom of England.

So make no mistake, the queen might be gone, but the world will get even creepier from now on. I have just turned on a some Spanish TV for a moment to practice my language skills and it couldn’t have been worse. Well at least I’ve understand it. Literary every third word was king or queen. The weirdest part was probably seeing a monarch talking about democracy. That further deepened my questioning of such system and showed me the true face of it, yet again. Nothing could be further from the truth than our freedom and democracies. But we all should know that by now already. When everything is turning for worse with every passing election, it doesn’t take a genius to make the calculation…

So, where are we heading from now? I would say sideways and slowly downhill. The energy crisis, potential comeback of the pandemic, random nuclear explosion in Ukraine, a fighter jet potentially shot down somewhere near Taiwan, false flag operation of some sort in the USA? Those are all some of potential scenarios to come before Xmas and surprise, surprise, they could all happen at once.

What a future right? Well, what can we do other, than mock the news and our self-proclaimed leaders and hope for some sort of a miracle. After all, so far, nothing else never really helped to turn the world’s events around anyways. So, my friends, stay vigilante, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Try to acquire second residencies and citizenship, as that is what all the leaders are doing behind the scenes. Invest only what you can afford to lose. Same applies to money on exchanges and inside banks. Keep some dry powder under your pillow as cheap opportunities and deals are potentially just around the corner.

Keep up the good spirit and train your body. In not so far away future we might have to put on our ‘Jedi’ outfit and have a little talk with Darth Vader himself…

Until next time,

Tom D’Kar



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