How overfocus on Politics can hurt your finance.

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Economics is much more important subject in today’s world than politics.

The failure of modern democracy as a whole rendered me somewhat political nihilist. But I still do keep an eye on the world stage. I actually follow what is going on in parliaments almost all around the world. I just seem to look at this ‘pop-culture for ugly people’ from totally different point of view. Only thing that really interests me now is how are the ruling classes gonna make my life harder this time. Believe it or not, in our modern and civilized way of handling things, we are enforcing most of the laws through economical means.

If you’re wealthy enough, it seams that most of the laws are rather flexible to you. You can pay yourself out of trouble, right when a police officer stops you with handing him few hundred bucks, or in the worst case, you’ll be forced to use a lawyer. Terrible news for some, monthly routine for others. Alternatively, you can move yourself to totally different geographical location with other sets of rules, that would fit your personality more. Basically the modern democracy is about how much corruption you can withstand or afford to avoid.

There is a popular thesis that young people tend to be communist while in their school years, while they own nothing and are surrounded by a community of like minded people to have fun with. Later in their careers, when they make enough money and acquire some assets, people turn capitalist, socialist or otherwise more ‘democratic’. They do not want to share as much, rather they discuss more what exactly should be shared and for what purpose. This seem to be programmed into us in some way. Alternatively we might be taught this pattern in schools, otherwise known as indoctrination camps. There is a good reason for which wealthy people don’t put their kids to government schools. Time is the most precious thing we have and questionably too much time spend in school - unless you totally love it of course - could be harmful to you.

Now, please don’t misinterpret myself for saying you should not study. One should indeed study hard, if possible until one’s final days… Why? Well because nothing is absolute and you should always be ready to change your mind and move on, if necessary or based on enough evidence proving you otherwise.

There is an enormous difference between studying and attending school.

If you’re generally interested in any subject, you don’t even need a teacher. You’ll figure things out on your own, with the help of books, documentaries, online forums and other platforms. Sadly most of us are forced - by an act of violence, into school attendance. I don’t know about you, but the best class I’ve ever had was the break between the subjects, when you can actually do what you want, even if it is just for five or ten minutes… I remember I’ve been doing my homework while still at school as I got older and wise enough to see through the bunch of nonsense. The only thing you take away from school, that might be of any use, is the diploma and even that is very questionable, as it is literary just a piece of paper and there are plenty of jobs out there for which you do not need any qualification whatsoever.

It really seems more like schools are training camps for political followers. Everybody learns to love and hate something, be it your first love or a subject you totally don’t get. There are leaders and useful idiots in every class. Clever or dumb, skinny or fat, the classroom has it all. All the flavors and colors of the flag. In some countries there is indeed a flag, at best with a picture of the President, high up on the wall, next to the blackboard. Probably just so you remember who is the boss there. And of course to remind everyone how important it will be in the future to follow politics. But let’s move on from the classroom now shall we?

There are probably even stronger propaganda machines out there. And we somehow seem to consume them voluntarily... It started with radio in the eighteenth century, followed by the television generation and now peaking on in the internet era. Just a short Sunday lunch at your grandparents can give you an idea of what are the life long effects of TV watching. The stereotypes, repetitiveness and sort of predictability of our elderly is quite staggering. But that doesn’t mean our generation is not being bombarded with propaganda. Actually it is quite contrary, average people in their twenties or thirties are under constant attack for hours on every day. Social media, websites, mobile applications and for some - still to this day - TV stations are trying their best to influence us according to their picture.

The only good thing about this form of propaganda is that it is hundred percent voluntary.

You don’t really need to have a TV. You can turn on adblock and you surely can choose your medium of choice. That is now the only democratic element of our lives as we do vote online - everyday - with each click at a time. Forget waiting for votes another few years, take action and try to be your best yourself everyday.

Now I am finally getting to my point and the main topic of this article. Politics affect us only if we are emotionally influenced by it. I couldn’t care less who sits in the White house or what Dictator are we fighting the next day. These are not things that influence my life. It is only the consequences of government actions that we do feel. And sometimes we feel them as hard as a police boot landing on one’s face. But, how does a single politician creates such a mess you might ask? Well it is never a single person and it is in fact almost always a coordinated action with quite clear beginnings and directions. Of course, we can’t say for sure, what will happen the next day on the market if (for instance) Senegal invades Madagascar. But surely somebody was positioning for such scenario and profits on it’s news. So, why do we watch the news or follow politics than? To make profit? Well as we can’t change what happens the next day on the news, I’ve came to conclusion that profiteering from politically motivated events is truly moral thing to do. As most of these events are designed to hurt us, if we manage to make a quick buck on every second of them, we are already winning.

Now, do I make a profitable trade or a decision every time I see some turmoil on the world stage? No, truly not. But I try to see the world’s events through an eye of a speculator, not a victim, or totally uninvolved observer. Why to pollute your mind with such a waste, if you’re not actively trying to use such information to your advantage…

So far a good strategy of mine used to be to turn everything, the puppets on our screens are saying, upside down. Left is right. War is peace and freedom is slavery. It is sometimes closer to reality than what they are trying to present.

There are numerous apolitical ways of expressing ones values and wishes. Even if you’re not that millionaire from the hill, who can afford to skip the law, there are many ways how to live your life without participating on our own enslavement. Bad economy is indeed slavery. If you work two times as much for the same loaf of bread, aren’t you now two times closer to slavery? Everything is a scale and that applies to government oppression too. Some people vote once in few years and than talk about their issues with politics every evening. Be instead the one, who votes every day, with his or her actions. Be the one who actively creates the environment in which he or she exists.

The principles of Agorism can be your guidance. Voluntary relationships are the best ones. Have you ever had a good partner who forced you to be with him or her together? Be an active speculator - invest in your freedom with your hard earned money! Is it a Tesla stock or a trip to Africa? Make decisions that matters to you and stick to them like with a profitable trading strategy. The next voting season might be already too late…

Until next time,

Tom D’kar



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