Can you afford not to work?

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It is maybe a hard truth to swallow, but most of us are not free. At best we are free range. If you haven’t been born with a silver spoon in your mouth, it probably applies to you too.

Lot of people don’t feel that way, because they just don’t know any better. If they would only had more time to explore themselves and the world, they could wake up to this undeniable truth as well. But hold on Tom, what are you talking about? Working is necessary part of adult life of all of us. Why do you even pull out such a concept?

Well it is simple. We spend our days working for government issued money. This kind of reward is highly controversial topic and you’ll soon find out why…

Money we use on everyday basis are one of the biggest scams out there. they have literary no value at all. The only reason they still exist is the government force behind them and punishment of anybody who dares to question this exchange mechanism. It is although not so long ago, when we still used gold and silver for our payments. Or at least the paper money used to represent fixed value in precious metals. It prevented counterfeiting and other forms of cheating. Modern monetary policy could be thereby called out as a scam. Money creation out of thin air, or based on creation of a load and thereby creating debt, doesn’t create value, it is in fact just a way how to steal a little bit of your savings each time the money printer goes brrr.

Are we than straight on slaves? It depends… I would argue we are slaves to a certain level. We ourselves determine how much can the plantation owners affect us with our daily actions.

How much would be a real slave worth in today’s money? I mean a true slave, who doesn’t really have the freedom to go and live under the bridge if he or she chooses to. I could imagine it could be as low as ten thousand US dollars. Now, don’t take me for granted I really just pulled this number outta my sleeve. I need a number to do a little calculation now. Did you know that in Biblical times a slave costed as little as thirty silver ounces? Even the death of Jesus himself was probably priced around this amount. That is just about nine hundred dollars in today’s silver pricing. Wow, this is what I call a rock bottom prices. No financial advice of course.

How much could have been an average daily wage in those times? It is hard to estimate, but if I try to compare the price of a slave now and than, it could be about half an ounce a day. It would take approximately sixty days to make enough money to buy a slave. But again, most likely not everybody had a chance to do so and it was purely the ruling class that had such a privilege.

Of course everybody needs to buy shelter, food and clothing, so most likely to be able to save sixty days of work, one had to work for few years at least.

Luckily we are not living in full blown slavery anymore, but certain elements are still present. It also hugely depends on a country you’re born into. I assume that my readers are the lucky ones who were born in first or second world countries and have thereby better starting position.

But even a guy from a village in Afghanistan can somehow improve his economical status if he makes sacrifices and with a little luck he might make it out the country, gets asylum in Germany and starts from scratch in the first world. This is an extreme example, but all of us need to forgo similar choices. When you apply for a new job, all stairs must align and the light of luck must find you in never ending darkness of the unemployed world.

I have personally had over twenty jobs and my whole existence is based on the balance between the two of worlds. Luckily I enjoy being unemployed much more that working. If certain economical forces or other elements pushes me out of the workplace, I feel free and I keep on living my life. Work was never something with which I’ve defined myself. I find meaning in travel, writing, photography, sports and other small things of the daily life of an unemployed bum. Once you have all the time in the world things get going…

Before I finished school and made my first ‘freedom’ money, I felt hopeless and enslaved by everything and everybody. After I became economically empowered, I first felt what freedom actually is. Freedom to screw things on my own, facing the consequences myself and just being the master of my own universe. Although it is not for everyone, I can admit that. Without travel, one will almost certainly run out of money fast and boredom connected with living without any purpose at one place, will get you. So where am I heading now? From monetary theory, through slavery to travel? If you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense. Wouldn’t you travel if you’d have unlimited resources and all the time in the world? I certainly would. If you have all the money in the world, you no longer need a house or a car, you can really just run around the equator in shorts with a golden visa card.

Now, let’s assume that you will never have enough money to satisfy all your needs. But our needs are constantly changing aren’t they? So, why not instead of saving for this clearly undefined sum, satisfy our immediate needs now and leave the stress for later. Yes, I am kind of talking about the FIRE movement. It stands for financial independence, retire early. It is these buzzwords I don’t understand. Although I get what financial independence stands for. I have enough money now, therefore I should enjoy them before I get too old, or inflation will eat them alive.

We truly live in interesting times and many of us will surely face difficulties with careers and work life balance. I would say that most of us will somehow have to invent themselves and step up on the ladder to higher realms of freedom if we want to stay happy and fulfilled. As we can no longer save in safe currency and therefore there is a time limit on our savings, we have to act now, more than ever. If you wait another decade, we will live in totally different world and you might realize, damn I’ve missed the wave.

It is never too late to start, but I deeply urge you to take steps forward more free and fulfilled life. Be it taking a part time job this summer instead of full employment, or quitting completely and going for a trip around the world. It will be well worth it. The wisest of us all know, that time is the most precious thing we have and if we lose it, we lived our lives like slaves.

Until next time,

Tom D’kar



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