Boris Johnson strikes again?

Photo by Jannes Van den wouwer on Unsplash

Wow, have you heard the news lately? This really has a potential to be the best political charade of a century. Boris strikes again. Oh come on, really?

An old saying says that politics is a show business for ugly people… So, Liz Truss had her show running exactly six weeks or others report 44 days. note the amazing numerology there. Well without conspiring too much let’s look at the facts. Even without monitoring the situation overtly, I got the following: Liz is a puppet show ‘paar excelanz’. First of all, she was put to Downing street to kinda let the lights off Boris to begin with. Boris the greatest was notorious party animal, who couldn’t resist even in the hardest lockdown. His house, or place of residence was often full of visitors, not necessarily looking to handle serious business or discuss epidemic situation. It looked more like a pool party at the good old days. You remember right? Those days, when if old enough you could go out on your own risk and socialise with others as you pleased… Yes, those days are long gone, even though we do have a small window of freedom open again at the moment. Well back to Liz.

I actually thought who or what can be worse than Boris. Well here you have it, Liz was amazingly bad. On her first day i thought, wow - World Economic Forum is doing really good job on finding those terrible actors. Well as I already mentioned you don’t have to be honest, good or even good locking to join politics. You just have to be member of the club.

Yes my friends. If voting could change a damn thing they would make it illegal. I don’t understand many things but one of the biggest mysteries to me is how many people can still believe this obvious lie. What mechanisms do we even have to know that the votes are counted. Somebody famously said: ‘It doesn’t matter who wins the votes, it matters who counts the votes.’ And it couldn’t be described better. Do you really thing that there is any uncontrolled opposition out there? I bet there is, but such small and tiny organisation wouldn’t make it into the media.

I go even so far that I don’t believe any official history being taught at schools. But you don’t have to be so hard on yourself, such approach takes lot of time and constant search for truth can be tiring. The second and best approach is probably to let go. Let go the illusion that I can change something and that I am being fed reliable information. It is in fact delicate form of Positive Nihilism which allows you to not care and live a happy and fulfilling life without politics.

Because at the end of the day, what is the difference between Boris and Liz? Maybe the content of their underwear and even that could be questioned.

At the age of thirty, I have seen enough voting campaigns and promises never fulfilled, to realise it is a total waste of time. I would in fact bet on the results of votes rather than participate in them.

So will Boris make a big comeback? I honestly hope so! To show a big middle finger to whole of Britain. It is actually very needed and it could be a big awakening event. A little like his party gate opened eyes of many to the hypocrisy of lockdown rules. Now on the other note such event can have a positive impact on many voters, to finally start to organise their lives themselves. The promise of a good life is an old lie that not many people in my generation believe, but still the propaganda machine is so massive we need to remind ourselves now and then who is the real enemy.

If you learn to laugh at these public figures, rather than be desperate about them working against you, you’ll find almost zen like balance and warm comfort accompanying you everywhere you go. Being a positive nihilist is a state of mind. You know that nothing is worth pursuing, but you try anyways. Just please, don’t try to finally vote the right person in. It just doesn’t work like that…

Until next time,

Tom D’Kar



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